DU was founded in 1834 at Williams College in Massachusettes. The founders wanted to establish a social fraternity without secrets or hazing on the principles of friendship, character, culture, and justice.

In 1927, DU incorporated the chapter at the University of Oklahoma. It was and still is the only fraternity at OU with open pledge rituals and a foundation of non-hazing. Our pledgeship is also unique on campus because initiation occurs during the pledge semester and the chapter encourages parents to attend.

Since its incorporation, DU has been a leader on campus boasting Outstanding Seniors, Rhodes Scholars, football players, and many distinguished alumni. This year, the chapter was home to the Vice Chair of Student Congress, a Truman Scholar finalist, a Homecoming King finalist, a member of Phi Beta Kappa, and two members of the Oklahoma football team.

DU does not try to rush men and fit them into our mold but rather to rush men that will contribute something to the chapter. Our success has been obvious for 75 years, and we’re sure it will prove itself in 2002-2003.